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address:Springs of surabaya county in shandong province and Lucy
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composition:Total flavonoids≥500 mg per 100 g | Function: | Applicable people:middle- aged and elderly person or people who suffers from hyperlipemia | service:每次1袋,用200~300 mL开水浸泡5分钟后饮用,每天3—4次 Yongchuntang Ginkgo Herbal Tea
2.5 g per pouches *40 pouches per box
composition: 330 mg total saponins and 2.73 mg Selenium per 100 g | Function: | Applicable people:People with low immunity and fatigable person | service:每日3次,每次2粒 Kangle Capsule
net content 0.25g per capsule*96 capsules
composition:soy isoflavone, soybean protein polypeptide | Function: | Applicable people:it is suitable for people who suffer from climacteric metancholia, osteoporosis or hyperlipemia; middle aged and elderly people, especially middle-aged and elderly women who suffer from from atherosclerosis could long-term use of it | service:温开水送服,一日2次,一次2~3粒 Yongchuntang Tiancibao Capsule
0.2 g per capsule * 100 capsules per bottle
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address:Springs of surabaya county in shandong province and Lucy  zipcode:273200  tel:0537-4268276  fax:0537-4268272
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