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address:Springs of surabaya county in shandong province and Lucy
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Chine YCT International Group, Inc. Reports Financial Results for Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2017 2017-07-12
CYIG signed an agreement to purchase Acer Truncatum business from Shandong YCT Group Co.Ltd. 2017-04-15
China YCT International Group, Inc Released its FY 2014 Results: Revenues Grew 11.4% to $37.94 Milli 2015-07-14
CYIG signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Xi’an Putian Pharmacy 2014-08-15
The Forestation Project of 2014 in Sishui Focuses On Acer Truncatum Planting 2014-07-30
CYIG’s Research Advances through the cooperation with NFU 2014-07-22
CYIG Released its FY 2013 Results: Revenues Grew 2.9% to $34 Million 2014-07-10
CYIG Acer Truncatum Project is expected to be Included in Beijing’s 13th Five-Year Plan 2014-06-29
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address:Springs of surabaya county in shandong province and Lucy  zipcode:273200  tel:0537-4268276  fax:0537-4268272
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