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product name:Fuletong Soluble Granules
specifications:0.5 g per packet * 20 packets per box
composition:xylooligosaccharide, dietary fiber
Applicable people:
eating method: one packet to be taken two or three times daily, with boiled water and take it after mixing with water

   product description

This product is a health food which uses Xylo-oligosaccharide, water soluble dietary fibers and sicklesenna seed extract as the main ingredients. It is processed using modern technology. It’s characteristics include strong water solubility, yellow and bright color, fresh and delicate taste and high absorbability. This product does not contain pigment, cane sugar or antiseptic, and regularly taking it can supply the dietary fibers required by the body. It has positive effects on weak stomachs and intestines caused by irregular life style and partiality for particular kinds of foods, anorexia and bad habits. It is especially suitable for the people who suffer adiposity, diabetes mellitus, heart and brain diseases and astriction.

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