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CYIG signed an agreement to purchase Acer Truncatum business from Shandong YCT Group Co.Ltd.
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Sishui, China / ACCESSWIRE / April 14, 2017 / China YCT International Group Inc. (OTCQB: CYIG) today announced that the Company signed an agreement to purchase Acer Truncatum business from Shandong YCT Group Co.Ltd. The new business is expected to increase sales of billion U.S. dollar for the Company in next 5 years.   

Acer Truncatum is a kind of maple that has 3 hundreds species worldwide. But Acer Truncatum is unique in growing fruits that it can process general food oil with better quality than olive oil. Also Acer Truncatum is only available in China as Panda does. Besides Acer Truncatum oil contains 5.8% of nervonic acid that is publicly recognized as only effective element for preventing Alzheimer’s disease. Nervonic acid have been extracted ONLY from killing sharks before. Acer Truncatum is only plants that can extract nervonic acid economically so far. After over 40 years research and experiments, Chinese government approved Acer Truncatum oil as general wood food oil that can be used as general food oil such as soybean, corn, olive and other.  

Mr. Tinghe Yan, Chairman and CEO of CYIG, said, " We expect CYIG to become a leading Acer Truncatum oil producer and supplier in the world with billions sales annually. We believe the new business will make CYIG a new member of billons sales club in next 5 years.”

About the Company

CYIG is a biotechnology company, mainly focused on producing medicines and selling organic healthcare products. CYIG is also a major player in Acer Truncatum oil business that will have billions dollar market soon. It is also dedicated to laying a solid foundation for building a nationwide sales and marketing network. Additionally, CYIG will be offering more incentives to strategic partners to encourage e them to create more value for CYIG.


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